03 April 2012

Return fire in the Obama Supreme Court Kinetic Action, Court requires DOJ to agree on authority to overturn ACA

Wow, fast and quick to the point. The Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals returned a volley in the ObamaCare Constitutionality Kinetic Action Battle Royale with a  Surprise Response to the Supreme War of Words by POTUS. They did not sound pleased. Nor acquiescent. Nor accommodating. In fact they instructed the DOJ Attorney to "write and submit a three-page, single-spaced letter by noon on Thursday explaining whether the administration acknowledges that the courts have the right to overturn federal laws." It seems they think that there are in fact three separate, but equal, branches of government, and, as held in Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court of the United States has the authority and the ability to overturn laws in non-conformance with the Constitution. No fools they in Circuit 5.

Point of fact: It is an absolute certainty the Supremes can overturn or nullify any Federal Law that violates the constitution. Even a first year law student knows this, even before they take the LSAT. And so does President Obama. For certain. They have before, on many occasions, and will again. In fact they may again do it this summer.

You may be sure and certain of this authority.

Read more: Court Orders DOJ to provide documentation on overturning Obamacare 

The gauntlet thrown is acknowledged. And tread upon.

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