28 September 2012

Romney Staff Memo Leaked, Lowers the Debate Bar

Strange way to leak it. Romney will most likely win the first debate and prevail in the eyes of the voters, however the MSM probably already have their Obama Wins BIG headlines and articles ready to go, no matter what happens in the actual debate. Obama can disclose recipes for tastily cooked Dog Dishes he enjoyed as a child and the MSM will tell us how nutricious and healthy they are. But the voters won't be fooled, now or in November.

Keep in mind the questions posed by the moderators will just be white noise for the candidates to ignore. Their answers will be the stock phrases memorized as the position least likely to offend the majority of voters. Follow up questions may challenge the original answer, and in this are Mitt will shine. He can actually think on his feet somewhat. POTUS often does not.

Keep it on track. It's the economy. The only answer is "I will create the conditions for more JOBS!!"

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