19 October 2012

Courts Confirm Cell Pone Use Causes Brain Tumors

A controversial theory for years, cell phone radiation is now being identified as a cause for  brain tumors. Over the last few years evidence has mounted, studies and research by respected bodies, and the conclusion of a causual relationship between cell phones usage and brain tumors is becoming overwhelming. Now the courts, or at least an Italian Judge, agree.

Whle only the first step in universally recognizing the dangers of cell phone use, it should send a clear warning to everyone. The WHO classifies these mobile devices as a Class B Carcinogen. Every user of these devices is at risk!

To minimize your exposure, use a handsfree device, loudspeaker or a headset.

Take no chances! Read more: Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumor

And do a bit of research on your own. It may just save you and yours.  

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