04 October 2012

The Enemy Approaches Unseen - and Will Strike Soon!

Inflation is a killer. In more ways than most imagine, by higher prices up the chain from manufacturing, food production, then transportation, distribution, and final delivery. With the QE Train at full speed, it is only a matter of time before it strikes, and strikes hard. The only question is whether there will be a brief deflationary period before the monster surfaces.

And now we find the 'experts' are predicting 'explosive inflation'.

Quoting the article at Zerohedge, 'In short: the Fed's DSGE models fail when applied in real life, they are unable to lead to the desired outcome and can't predict the outcome that does occur, and furthermore there is no way to test them except by enacting them in a way that consistently fails. But the kicker: the Fed's own model predicts that if the Fed does what it is currently doing, the result would be "explosive inflation."'

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Beware and Prepare!

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