19 December 2012

Inflation and the (Rising) Cost of Living - Prepare NOW

For years the US government has consistenly understated both the rate of inflation and the impact this form of hidden taxation takes on you and your fellow citizens. The BIG MAC TM Index shows the penalty inflation applies to all of us.

Coutesy of Seeking Alpha - The Big Mac And Your Financial Health

James Cornehlsen takes us furthur along this path applying the BIG MAC TM Index results to bonds, stocks and investments, with a very worrying conclusion.

As for myself, I am a believer in commodities over the next several years verses stocks or bonds. Why? Accelerating dollar inflation and the proven track record of gold and silver. 

Prediction: Year end 2013 brings gold at $1,950 per troy ounce and silver to $55.00. And the currently overvalued stock market sinks the Dow to $11,300.


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