06 April 2012

NBC Broadcast Deceptive Tape Edit Draws More Attacks

As you recall, NBC engaged in a selective editing job on the 911 tape in the Trayon Martin deadly shooting - a quick refresher here: Can you trust NBC?

Today Reuters summed up the latest news on the controversy in this article: NBC probe centers on staffer in shooting story error  And they go on to make the point that "Public pressure has been building on the network to fully explain the incident - which critics charge has inflamed racial tensions in an already volatile situation." The edited tape version now has been quoted and requoted in many circles without correction. Read more after the jump.

Puitting this selectively edited deceptive tape on the air is simply a serious breach of broadcast journalism ethics no matter if accidental or deliverate. If accidental, then there are some incompetent tape editors at NBC or a lack of production review for accuracy. If deliberate, even if by an unauthorized party, then the entire news division reporting is suspect. In either case, without a full explanation, NBC Network credibilty in news reporting will continue to be questioned, and some of the more vocal calls will claim NBC has an agenda.

Come Clean, NBC. Basic Journalism. Who, what, when, where, and (definitely) WHY.

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