06 April 2012

Whistle Blower Claims Falsified Study to End Clean Green Hydroelectric Power

What happened to the Green Agenda, and the need for clean, green electricity provided by hydroelectric power from dams? Not to mention the lower cost food production benefits irrigation provides. Ken Salazar wants to remove an important dam in the Klamath River which provides both.

And evidently Salazar, US Secretary of the Interior, is willing to provide a study full of “intentional biased (falsification) reporting of scientific results.” according to Professor Paul Houser of George Mason University, in an allegation to the Office of the Executive Secretariat and Regulatory Affairs in the Department of the Interior. Read more: Whistle Blower Claims Klamath River Study Biased, Misleading (H/T TheDC)

Houser claims he was fired in February this year for voicing his concern about the project and
said that the "result of the report was organized in a way that obscures the truth".

Kate Kelly, the Interior Department’s deputy communications director, told TheDC that the agency would not discuss personnel matters. She did say, however, that Houser’s allegation “is being reviewed under the standard procedures contained in Interior’s scientific integrity policy.”

Hydroelectric power is about as clean as you can get, very low cost and reliable, and produces 24/7/365, unlike wind, solar and other sources promoted by the Obama Green Agenda. Side benefits include irrigation for farmland, which increases food production helping to keep costs lower for all of us. Dams provides areas for recreation and fishing, another source of food, and a source of fun for many also.

So why destroy the dam? On the possibility it may help the salmon return to the river, "though, the report acknowledged that the move would pose a threat to other aquatic species and fisheries as sediment runs downstream with the rushing water".

Removal also risks flooding in the area, and no one seems to be positive the removal of the dam will even help the salmon.

So why would anyone falsify a report like this to achieve a questionable goal with some harmful local effects? Perhaps as this allegation by Houser is investigated, we will find some answers.

This one smells, and not of fish.

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