09 October 2012

Romney to WIN in Landslide - Wayne Allyn Root

An oddsmaker predicts a Romney win, and not just a win, but a dominant landslide win. Wayne Allyn Root is very good at what he does, I know, I kind of do the same thing when it comes to American Football. And I went out on the limb too, predicting a Romney win and posting it here:  Romney Wins the 2012 Presidential Election (Also on the sidebar)

My take is a bit less of a landslide, but a solid victory for the Republicans, and some pretty good coat-tails across the country. On September 23, I calculated the Electoral College at Romney 282 Obama 256, well before the debates.

Taking a new look now, I may just tend to drift a bit more to Wayne's prediction, the trend for Romney in some of the swing states looks real and looks strong. The VP debate will not be all that important to the swing states, and most likely will not move the numbers at all.

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