09 October 2012

UN to Directly Tax American Citizens?

Rumours about this have circulated for months, since there have been several occasions wherein UN Officials have expressed a desire for more income thru taxes on member nations. In the Fox News article linked below, Dick Morris tells us how it may be done in a second Obama Term, and what the consequences are. In a word, DIRE.

More and more we see these redistribution schemes around the world, and most of the time it seems to me the skim off the top goes to the elite leaders, bankers and officials who administer these programs. Less and less seems to reach the intended programs. Some of these programs are quite worthy, like preventing disease, feeding and educating children, some little more than scams, which I think best not to name here.

At any rate, it is clear that the UN is pursuing a global agenda that puts them in charge eventually of everything. The model seems to be the EU. As one gal once said, 'how's that working out for ya?' (Sarah Palin, of course).

This is just one of the reasons this election is so critical. The choice truly is what path this country will take, and where it will lead, and the paths offered by the two candidates diverge sharply. Choose wisely, please. 

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