05 October 2012

September Jobs Report - Math Challenged and Too Convenient

Even Morning Joe Scarborough questions this one, as does his panel. Listen in: September Job Numbers Don't Make Sense.

And he is right, 366,000 people seem to have just disappeared. Poof! Vanished. Gone.
Check U6 - Seasonally Adjusted - no change there at all. So how can this be?

Has the BLS reporting become political? This dramactic drop in U3 unemployment could not be accomplished with such a dismal 114,000 jobs growth report. It certainly is convenient for the administration, but ut may turn out to be an inconvenient truth if these jubmers have been finagled.

Jack Welch seems to think so, here is his tweet:  "Unbelievable job numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can't debate so change numbers" CNNMoney posted it here:  Questions on the Jobs Report

This could get interesting. Listen for the leaks.

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