29 July 2013

Obama Now May Have Doubts ObamaCare Will Work

In the words of POTUS himself, Obama may have doubts his own healthcare law will even work. 

Implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act, popularly known as ObamaCare. has been at best rocky, requiring many changes, delays in implementation, and still facing significant opposition at the state level. Recent Polls show high rates of public disapproval of the program, including 54% at CBS last week.

Responding to these polls and defending his namesake ObamaCare, POTUS said the " law will gain popularity once key provisions take effect next year and people are able to more easily purchase insurance."

Then he went on to say  " ......The test of this (ObamaCare) is going to be, is it working. And if it works, it will be pretty darn popular." (bold mine) This uncertainty was revealed during a New York Times interview buried in the last few graphs.

If it works. If ObamaCare Works.

The Times interviewers, Jackie Calmes and Michael D. Shear , sure missed their follow up chance on this one. 

Why do you think it might not work, Mr. President?

What happens if it does not work, Mr. President?

In just a few months, enrollment in the ObamaCare exchanges starts, with coverage to commence on January 1, 2014.

Perhaps we would be best served if we knew now what would happen if ObamaCare does not work. Soon it may be too late.

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